Audio Short

$55.00 CAD

Your Stories, In Your Voices

Each audio short is up to 10 minutes long.

We will add a professional intro with the title of your short, the family members involved, and the question that your loved ones are discussing. Basic sound editing is included to balance the audio.

 Final audio file is delivered as a digital download (.MP3 file).


Capturing your family stories just got easier.

Select 1-3 of your favorite memories from your Root & Seed library, or upload your own files through a simple form. We’ll take your recorded conversations and produce an .MP3 audio short that is perfect for saving, sharing, or collecting in your favourite listening app.

Tips for using the Conversation Tool.

Here are some of our recommendations for when you use the Conversation Tool so that you have the best possible experience.

Make asking questions easy.

Use the Conversation Cards to find questions quickly. Use the QR code to link to the mobile tool and keep the conversation moving with dig deeper questions to learn more about your unique family story.

Get comfortable.

Gather your family around and get comfortable. Ask your question, start the recording and put your phone in the middle of the table so you can be present in the moment.

Enjoy your unique stories.

Share or download your conversation recordings and save them on your favourite content platform so you can listen to them, like your own private family podcast! Reflect on and cherish your meaningful conversations.

Frequently asked questions

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What is Root & Seed?

If you’re looking for gardening tips, you're in the wrong place! But if you’re curious about your own roots - like your family history, culture, and traditions - we’d love to help you discover, document, and celebrate what makes your family unique. Root & Seed also has a Conversation Tool that will help you capture your family stories so that you will have them for safe keeping, reflection, and sharing.

How do I set up my account?

All you need to do is go to on a smartphone or tablet that is internet enabled. No need to download any apps, just use your device’s mobile browser.

Go to “sign up” and enter your email address, first name, last name, and start browsing the questions. Family name is an optional field, but will help if you are sharing your recordings.

How does the Conversation Tool work?

The conversation tool helps you start more meaningful conversations, and gives you easy tools to record them for safekeeping and future reflection. Read our article on “How To Use the Conversation Tool” to get started.

What does Root & Seed cost?

Root & Seed is free!

We want to help end the loss of tradition, and we want to help people better understand their roots, so our conversation tool is free. As we add more features, they may be unlocked for a fee. But the features that are available now are free to use and the recordings you make are free to store.

I can’t find the Root & Seed app on the App Store or Play Store.

We aren’t an app. No need to download anything to get started. We wanted you to be able to access the Root & Seed conversation tool as easily as possible, so it’s really just a website. Go to from your smartphone mobile web browser, and sign up or login.

If you think we should be one, let us know in the feedback form below. We love your ideas!