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Easy, Fun, and Secure

Capture Stories Easily

A game built for all the generations to play together. Cards for the elders, a digital tool for the kids… and no download required!

Preserve Family Heritage

The perfect family icebreaker: Get the answers you’ve always wanted, learn things you never knew, and build new memories while you do it!

Your Privacy Matters

Preserve your stories for
generations to come in a private family library. Download or share your memories on your terms.

Capturing your family stories just got easier.

Explore your unique family stories. Our unique tools help you ask the right questions and save them for the future. Use the cards to ask the questions and save them with the online tool.

Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to know.

Thoughts from our happy community

"My Dad usually just tells the same stories over and over again, but this prompted him with new things to think about, and new stories to tell."

- Anonymous

“This tool gives you the starting point to ask questions and have more meaningful conversations."

- Anish B.

"I wish I could still hear my grandmother’s voice. This is magic. Record your family telling you stories before it’s too late."

- Danielle S.

Trusted By Over 1000 Families

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If you are not satisfied with the Root & Seed Conversation Cards, you can return them for a full refund.

Free Shipping over $75

Grab a deck for you, and another as a gift! Get two decks to unlock free shipping within the US and Canada.

Culturally Inviting

Questions are journalist inspired and have been reviewed by both Cognitive Linguists and our Cultural Advisors.

Frequently asked questions

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What is Root & Seed?

If you’re looking for gardening tips, you're in the wrong place! But if you’re curious about your own roots - like your family history, culture, and traditions - we’d love to help you discover, document, and celebrate what makes your family unique. Root & Seed also has a Conversation Tool that will help you capture your family stories so that you will have them for safe keeping, reflection, and sharing.

How do I set up my account?

All you need to do is go to capture.rootandseed.com on a smartphone or tablet that is internet enabled. No need to download any apps, just use your device’s mobile browser.

Go to “sign up” and enter your email address, first name, last name, and start browsing the questions. Family name is an optional field, but will help if you are sharing your recordings.

How does the Conversation Tool work?

The conversation tool helps you start more meaningful conversations, and gives you easy tools to record them for safekeeping and future reflection. Read our article on “How To Use the Conversation Tool” to get started.

What does Root & Seed cost?

Root & Seed is free!

We want to help end the loss of tradition, and we want to help people better understand their roots, so our conversation tool is free. As we add more features, they may be unlocked for a fee. But the features that are available now are free to use and the recordings you make are free to store.

I can’t find the Root & Seed app on the App Store or Play Store.

We aren’t an app. No need to download anything to get started. We wanted you to be able to access the Root & Seed conversation tool as easily as possible, so it’s really just a website. Go to capture.rootandseed.com from your smartphone mobile web browser, and sign up or login.

If you think we should be one, let us know in the feedback form below. We love your ideas!