Bridging Generations Through Play

Root & Seed believes in the magic of stories and traditions, facilitating deep connections through meaningful conversations. Together, let's revive the rich traditions that bind us and foster connections that last.

Conversation Cards: Family Edition

Next time you're gathered with your loved ones, young and old, follow the prompt on each card to get the conversation flowing. Uncover your family's unique traditions, tales, recipes, and more.

Conversation Cards: Memoir Edition

Don't let the details get foggy. Thoughful prompts paired with follow-up questions preserve the complete story. From history and relationships to hopes and legacy, connect and collect a loved one's memoir.

Conversation Cards: Family Edition

Journey Through Generations

Every Conversation Card deck includes 68 playful questions that make it easy and fun to learn about your family history. 

Get the answers you’ve always wanted. Learn things you never knew. Bring generations together through the power of personal storytelling.

Reignite Family Bonding

Rediscover the joy of family unity and create memories that will be treasured for generations.

Foster Cultural Enrichment

Open up avenues of rich exploration into your family's heritage, and a deeper appreciation of your roots.

Conversations with Depth

Move beyond the superficial, and dive into discussions that are enriching and enlightening.

This has been a steady reminder of why learning my culture is so important. Where previously I never cared, I now understand why my Mom tried to teach, show, and incorporate culture in lessons.

- Tianna, Metis + English + Irish

This was fun. I feel like talking about this stuff is always so cathartic 'cause it's so hard to talk about reclaiming cultural identity, especially with people who may not understand your lived experience.

- Alex, Korean + Canadian

This has really made me think about how little I know about my culture and is inspiring me to reach out to my parents to learn more about what our heritage means.

- Iris, Romanian + Canadian

Conversation Cards: Memoirs Edition

Craft A Personal History

Unlock your loved one's full story with the Memoir Deck, a collection of 68 spill-proof cards designed to turn simple conversations into complete memoirs.

Ideal for tea times, long walks, or cozy car rides, each card serves as a key to relive beloved stories, cherished relationships, and invaluable advice. Seamlessly pair it with the Root & Seed mobile companion tool to unlock even more layers of conversation and preserve precious narratives for generations.

Preserve Cherished Narratives

Transform casual conversations into a treasure trove of personal histories and enduring legacies, ensuring no story goes untold.

Durable & Versatile

Enjoy peace of mind with high-quality, wipeable cards housed in a sturdy shoulder box, ready to witness countless memorable conversations in various settings.

Enhanced with Mobile Companion

Encourage deeper conversations with the mobile companion tool, offering additional questions and features to preserve treasured memories.


What is Root & Seed?

If you’re looking for gardening tips, you're in the wrong place! But if you’re curious about your own roots - like your family history, culture, and traditions - we’d love to help you discover, document, and celebrate what makes your family unique. Root & Seed also has a Conversation Tool that will help you capture your family stories so that you will have them for safe keeping, reflection, and sharing.

How do I set up my account?

How does the Conversation Tool work?What does Root & Seed cost?I can’t find the Root & Seed app on the App Store or Play Store.

About Us

We’re on a mission to bring together fellow tradition-seekers to claim, honour, document and celebrate their culture and let it live on in their words, thoughts, actions and experiences for generations to come.

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How do I set up my account?

All you need to do is go to on a smartphone or tablet that is internet enabled. No need to download any apps, just use your device’s mobile browser.

Go to “sign up” and enter your email address, first name, last name, and start browsing the questions. Family name is an optional field, but will help if you are sharing your recordings.

How does the Conversation Tool work?

The conversation tool helps you start more meaningful conversations, and gives you easy tools to record them for safekeeping and future reflection. Read our article on “How To Use the Conversation Tool” to get started.

What does Root & Seed cost?

Root & Seed is free!

We want to help end the loss of tradition, and we want to help people better understand their roots, so our conversation tool is free. As we add more features, they may be unlocked for a fee. But the features that are available now are free to use and the recordings you make are free to store.

I can’t find the Root & Seed app on the App Store or Play Store.

We aren’t an app. No need to download anything to get started. We wanted you to be able to access the Root & Seed conversation tool as easily as possible, so it’s really just a website. Go to from your smartphone mobile web browser, and sign up or login.

If you think we should be one, let us know in the feedback form below. We love your ideas!