Unlock family stories with a game that brings generations together.

Every Conversation Card deck includes thought provoking questions that make it easy and fun to learn about your family history.

Welcome to Root & Seed

A community space for discovering unique family stories. Listen, learn and share. Together, we can protect the richness of our heritage by connecting our family’s past, present and future.


Turn your conversations into keepsakes

Every card links to our online tool that unlocks additional questions and helps record the conversations for safekeeping and celebration.

Family Edition

Preserve your family's unique traditions, tales, and recipes with a game that creates meaningful intergenerational conversations.

Memoir Edition

It's never too early to capture your loved one's story. Get all the details and preserve their legacy for generations to come.

Expansion Packs

Play alone, with loved ones, or add to the Family Conversation Card Game. Capture what makes your holidays special.


Our origin story.

Root & Seed was born of the collaboration between Anika and Jenn, two women with completely different cultural backgrounds and discovery journeys. 

The Root & Seed Podcast

Listen: delve into cultural inspiration.

Culture and family heritage isn’t all sunshine and roses but it can fill you up, give you pleasure, and take you back while inspiring you forward. Join us for a modern conversation on a traditional subject.

We’re on a journey to rediscover our cultures and ensure they live on for future generations. We hope to inspire you to do the same.

The Root & Seed Conversation Tool

Your family’s stories in your own voices.

Root & Seed protects your family heritage by collecting your stories in one place. Playful prompts help spark conversations of the past, present and future.

Let our community inspire your journey.

This has been a steady reminder of why learning my culture is so important. Where previously I never cared, I now understand why my Mom tried to teach, show, and incorporate culture in lessons

- Tianna, Metis + English + Irish

This was fun. I feel like talking about this stuff is always so cathartic 'cause it's so hard to talk about reclaiming cultural identity, especially with people who may not understand your lived experience.

- Alex, Korean + Canadian

This has really made me think about how little I know about my culture and is inspiring me to reach out to my parents to learn more about what our heritage means.

- Iris, Romanian + Canadian

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Join our community.

Explore your past. Inspire your future.

Root & Seed is a safe space for the discovery of family stories. We aren’t arbiters of culture, but we do love learning about the uniqueness of each other’s heritage. 

Culture is our stories, our mannerisms, our recipes and family traditions. These are the things we want to cherish in our family capsule.


A game built for all the generations to play together. Cards for the elders, a digital tool for the kids… and no download required.


The perfect family icebreaker: Get the answers you’ve always wanted, learn things you never knew, and build new memories!


Preserve your stories for generations to come in a private family library. Download or share your memories on your terms.