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In thinking about how to start the journey of discovering and celebrating your family stories, culture, and traditions, we realized that asking questions is often the hardest part. And recording the answers is usually an afterthought. So we compiled several conversation prompts, and added deeper-dive questions for each, to help keep your conversations going. You have the choice to capture your conversation by typing text notes, or even recording voice audio.


Here's How To Use The Root & Seed Conversation Tool


Sign up on your mobile device

All you need is a web browser on a mobile phone! That's it. Just a device and some internet! No apps to download, and it's free so keep your credit card in your wallet.


Go to capture.rootandseed.com and sign up. We'll ask you to create a profile with your email, password, and name (that's it), and then let you get right to exploring the questions.


Browse the questions

The first prompt you will get is to answer who is asking the questions: Kids or Adults?


Have you noticed sometimes it's hard to get people talking? We learned that grandchildren and younger children are great icebreakers, opening up the floodgates for the older generation to start sharing. So half the conversation prompts were developed especially for a younger audience to lead!


Pick a prompt and start recording

There are 4 conversation types: Traditions, Celebrations, Food, and Stories. Pick one and then swipe through the conversation starters. After selecting a question, you'll be prompted to either record with audio, or just type some notes with text. In the light green carousel, you'll see extra questions to help deepen your conversation.


Add a title and save it! When you're ready, start a new conversation.


Access your library of recordings Your recordings are saved to your Library for easy access any time you come back to the Root & Seed Conversation Tool. You can also delete your recording if you don't like it, share it through your favourite messaging app, or download it to keep in your preferred file storage or audio listening platform (like your own private family podcast!).


Start Capturing!

Grab your mobile device and go to capture.rootandseed.com.


Always be ready

So that the Conversation Tool prompts are always handy for whenever you have time for a meaningful conversation with your loved ones, add a shortcut to the Conversation Tool Webpage to the home screen of your phone.


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We're here for questions, so email us if you're having trouble with anything.

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