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Along our journey of starting Root & Seed, we’ve captured some pretty incredible stories about people’s relationships with their family and cultural identities. We couldn’t keep these stories to ourselves, so the Root & Seed Podcast was born to let our guests share their honest, sometimes surprising, and often inspiring stories in their voice, in their words. Join us as every two weeks as we release more rich stories of the past woven with hopes for the future.


One of the reasons we started this podcast and platform in the first place was that at this stage, in our lives, and as second generation, we are faced with the reality that our parents' generation are getting older and the torch is being passed on to us. So while the choice on what traditions to adopt and what to forego is ours, the idea of losing traditions altogether is a real and present threat. After speaking to our cross-cultural community, a real theme that emerged was that while our histories are rich and the desire to know them is real, very few of us have actually taken the time to really ask about them.


It's not lost on us that we are launching during the height of so many important movements and dialogues that are happening including (but not limited to) Black Lives Matter, the residential school crisis in Canada, Anti-Asian Hate, Anti-Semitism and continued news of racial injustice surfacing on a daily basis. What we are focused on is the effect that these broader forces have on individual stories and journeys. The cultural Renaissance we are experiencing is in context of those forces and that's why we believe it's the perfect time to have this conversation.


Our co-founder, Anika Chabra hosts this season, and she’ll dig deep into themes like culture as an undercurrent, what it means to be able to pick and choose to make your family identity suit your self identity, how experiences like being first generation and second generation impact one's connections to their heritage, and how some people are working to keep tradition alive in effort to honour those who are no longer with us.


Root and Seed is all about honouring your past about nurturing your future. Welcome, we are so glad to have you take a listen.


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