Root & Seed in collaboration with TMPG, invite you to buy a Rakhi Package in support The Refugee Women's Network.


Who do you call a brother or a sister?

Celebrate the tradition by sharing a bracelet with someone you feel blessed to have in your life, or that you want to protect. Shop today, quantities are limited!

With folklore dating back to Mughal times, Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) is an Indian festival that honours the eternal love of brother-sister relationships. Traditionally, sisters give blessings as they tie an ornate bracelet around their brother's wrist, and in exchange the brother agrees to protect her for the upcoming year. Brothers are fed sweets, and sisters receive a gift, often monetary in nature.


Today, Family Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

Root & Seed and The More Girl Project are excited to come together to uphold our missions of honouring family heritage and removing gender inequality from our daily lives by celebrating Rakhi and extending the tradition to respect all forms of sisterhood and brotherhood. This includes any sibling relationship (loved, lost, or estranged, of any gender), and all non-blood bonds that should be appreciated and protected.


The 2021 Rakhi Package

  • A beaded bracelet set, one with a message, and one to symbolize the traditional red string bracelet

  • A recipe by @ChefDevan for the sweet dish “Kheer”

  • A temporary tattoo with an artistic impression of the traditional Rakhi by @KammyIllustrates

  • A donation card toward @refugeewomens to represent the monetary gift

Packages can be purchased with single bracelet or a set. Options include the word "PROTECT" and "BLESSED". Bracelets come in size for small, medium or child-sized wrists.


Tradition Evolved

When: Raksha Bandhan is traditionally a day to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters and for the brother to protect sisters for the upcoming year. This year, Rakhi is on August 22nd, but in modern celebration, this tying of a bracelet can happen any time the two people are together.


Who: We love stories like Lakshita's, where her parents emphasized the responsibility on both brothers and sisters to protect each other. Thinking beyond families, we love the idea of contemporizing the tradition and extending it to any people we are blessed to have in our lives: cousins, friends, mentors, coaches, etc.


How long: The traditional Rakhi ties are meant to be worn until they fall off. We’ve taken this tradition one step further and included beautiful temporary tattoos to be applied and left on, until they fade.


What: Finally, sweets are central to all Indian traditions. But instead of feeding sweets to a brother - grab your brother, sister, or friend to make and share this kheer together.


With $15 From Every Package Donated To The Refugee Women's Network

Refugee Women’s Network provides support to refugee women settling in Ontario by bridging the language barrier through education, helping refugee women facing domestic abuse, and advocating for their rights. Their mission is to empower refugee and new immigrant women with tools and resources to enhance and develop their skills through education to successfully integrate into Canadian society while still maintaining respective cultural values.


Registered Charitable # 784394322RR0001 


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