Thoughts from Root & Seed's first Intern.

Root & Seed welcomed our first summer intern, Justin Bakker from Sheridan College this summer, and little did we know what an impact he’d make in such a short period of time. Justin worked on our first functionality update to the Root & Seed web app, attended Collision 2022 with the rest of the Root & Seed team, and added his value through his learnings to pretty much every part of our platform. When we asked Justin for his reflections on the summer, he didn’t disappoint and reinforced the fact that he was exactly the person for the job, given his shared love of family, culture, and heritage. We will miss you Justin!

Justin's Thoughts After A Summer At Root & Seed

Family, culture, heritage. These are things we take for granted. Each of us is born into a particular family, celebrating a certain culture, and doing so because of a heritage that has been passed down for generations.

Root & Seed is a movement seeking to end the loss of tradition. Personally, this means a lot to me. As a person with an incredibly mixed heritage and extended family (Dutch, Trinidadian, Acadian, Scottish, Chinese, etc.) holding onto the important pieces of my family’s collective past is difficult. Having a place to gather the traditions I hold dear helps me to preserve and honour my heritage. Root & Seed resonates with me because it allows for those with diverse backgrounds to begin to create the seeds of their own legacy to establish roots for future generations.

Justin's Family
Nana’s famous pets de sœurs

As Root & Seed continues to develop and grow I am excited for a future where I can share my stories and traditions with my family and friends in private groups. Being able to easily see, comment, and capture my shared traditions will help to create a great family resource so that we can all make my Nana’s famous pets de sœurs.

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